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Pleasure To Meet You

Hi, I'm Karen



I was born and raised in Delaware. My mother and step-mother were dedicated career public school teachers and I was educated through the public school system as well. My father was a Pensacola trained Navy pilot, and a chemical engineer in the oil and gas industry. My step- father was a career patent attorney with the DuPont Company.


After retiring from a 25-year career in the financial services industry in California, I moved to Stuart, Florida in 2015. While living in Stuart, I became aware of the pollution issues impacting the St. Lucie River, the Indian River Lagoon and the causes of blue green algae blooms. During my many years of living in California, I was a registered Republican, and thought I was a Libertarian, until I moved to Florida and learned first hand what the lack of effectively drafted legislation can do to the environment.

I was married for 24 years during my time in California. My then husband and I had decided not to have children prior to getting married. I had more of a maternal instinct for animals than children which led me into being an advocate on behalf of animal welfare issues. My first foray into animal politics (gathering petition signatures) was in 2008 with California’s Proposition 2 which gave farm animals sufficient room to turn around in their cages. This Proposition was one of the most successfully supported Propositions in California history. When my husband and I subsequently parted, it was on amicable terms and I was fortunate to inherit the cats! I still have my 17-year old Manx rescue whose name is Pyewacket.

I’m an avid outdoors lover, and can be found hiking our beautiful parks and beaches several times a week. I also practice yoga, enjoy reading and cooking. I have recently converted my front yard into a beautiful native-plant landscape in support of the Lagoon and our pollinators, and I’m also excited to now have my home in Sebastian solar powered.



Putting My Experience
to Work

I’m a proud graduate of the University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce with a B.S. degree earned in 1980.

I spent my 25-year career in the financial services industry in California.

My primary area of focus was in the Multifamily Affordable Housing Industry, financing large apartment complexes on the West Coast. I worked for Fannie Mae for five years, and then subsequently for multifamily lenders. Prior to that, I worked for McDonnell Douglas Finance Corporation, the leasing arm of McDonnell Douglas for eight years, financing aircraft, medical and other commercial equipment.

Upon retiring and moving to Florida in 2015, I became a citizen lobbyist on behalf of both State and Federal legislation, mostly on behalf of humane animal issues.

In 2018, I was part of a core group that worked on the successful passage of Amendment 13 which ended greyhound dog racing in Florida. I learned a great deal about Florida politics including the importance of the Constitution Revision Committee (CRC) which was responsible for putting this initiative on the ballot. As a result, I am strongly in favor of keeping the CRC and reforming it as opposed to abolishing it as proposed under the Amendment 2 initiative on our November 8 ballot: ‘Abolish the Constitution Revision Commission’. Florida is the only state in the country that has one, and we are very fortunate to have it. Please vote ‘No’ on Amendment 2.

Since moving to Sebastian nearly two years ago, I have been involved with the following organizations:

• Indian River Neighborhood Association (non-partisan advocate on behalf of the environment and other quality of life issues) - Board Member; member of Water and Lagoon Committee

• Democratic Women’s Club - member of the Legislative and Environmental Committees

• League of Women Voters of the Space Coast - member of the Natural Resources Committee


 I’ve been a grateful resident of the Indian River Lagoon community for seven years, first in Stuart and now in Sebastian. I pledge to go to Tallahassee beholden to no one but the people of our community and the Indian River Lagoon, the foundation for our quality of life and economic well being.

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